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Stefani Havel, LLC

Keynote Speaker, 
Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator ,
Sales Leadership Expert Trainer & Author

Inspiring audiences to build resiliency & emotional well-being  in times of adversity and achieve peak performance while building a culture of effective communication.

Meet Stefani

Keynote Speaker,  Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator, Sales & Leadership Expert

Stefani Havel specializes in coaching audiences to achieve peak performance, financial success, and personal satisfaction.  The dynamic combination of her charismatic stage presence and award -winning ability to maximize sales in a competitive market, provides Stefani with the unique opportunity to empower others to achieve greatness.  As an Ambassador of affirmations, Stefani’s proven mindset system transforms audiences and helps them breakthrough limiting self-beliefs .

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Professional Services 

Keynote Speaker
Sales & Leadership Trainer
Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator 


Stefani Havel has been a presenter in my High School classroom for several years now.  She brings lots of energy to all her presentations and lights up the room with her presence.  She shows a high level of enthusiasm in what she presents and really takes a special interest in getting to know each student.  It’s obvious Stefani cares about the future of our young people and wants to help prepare and see them succeed in all ways possible.

Judy Ries - Blaine High School Teacher

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to observe Stefanis presentations on our national team calls on several occasions.  Whether this be face to face or virtually she is skillful in capturing the interest and engagement of her audience. She faces any size audience with confidence and poise and her delivery is of a natural style that comes across with ease, yet powerful.  Her life stories have strong impact on her audience; ones that can last for a long time


If I had to pick only two words to describe Stefani as a person as well as her presentation style; they would be Enthusiasm and Dedication.  No matter the topic she may be delivering; she always has a positive attitude that is infectious.

Tess Lerum -Sales Support Consultant

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Stefani has been a guest speaker at many in person events I have attended and she always is a crowd favorite.  You would be very fortunate to have Stefani speak to your organization.  During the pandemic I have facilitated zoom calls where Stefani was a guest speaker, and she was fantastic in connecting with her audience and keeping them engaged virtually. I highly recommend her to help your group with improving communication and positive culture.

Neal Smith- Certified Mortgage Planner NKS Financial

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