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Meet Stefani

Ambassador of Affirmations

Keynote Speaker, Author, Sales Trainer

Certified Everything DiSC® Facilitator 

Stefani Havel specializes in coaching audiences to achieve peak performance, financial success, and personal satisfaction.  The dynamic combination of her charismatic stage presence and award-winning ability to maximize sales in a competitive market provides Stefani with the unique opportunity to empower others to achieve greatness.  As an Ambassador of affirmations, Stefani’s proven mindset system transforms audiences and helps them break through limiting self-beliefs.

Businesses and organizations nationwide rely on Stefani’s engaging and interactive speaking style to break down communication barriers and create effective working relationships.  Stefani is a master of communication who teaches others to take action, overcome self-doubt, and enable change within; she is passionate about empowering others through affirmations, and she recently collaborated and coauthored an Amazon best-selling book about overcoming objections, breaking through limiting self-beliefs, and transform thinking.

Stefani currently serves as the 2023 Board Chair for the Metro North Chamber, volunteers in children’s ministry at Eagle Brook Church, and has been the master emcee for the Bald Eagle Waterski Shows for over 29 years.

She is a lifelong resident of Minnesota, where she attended the U of M in Duluth, studying public relations and communications.  Her favorite role in life is being an Aunt to 9 nieces and nephews and 3 great-nieces and nephews.

Stefani Havel


Never quits

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